Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Many users are concerned about the privacy of their emails and whether Superemail stores their email addresses and the contents of email messages, and whether any of this data is shared with third parties. The information below is meant to address these concerns.

Overview how Superemail works

Superemail works by reading only the content of the last email in the thread. We do not store the sender's email address, nor the content of the emails received. When you write or reply to an email, only the content of your input and the last email in the thread are sent directly from your browser to OpenAI's API and back to your browser via SSL in a secure manner. When you log in to Superemail using your Gmail account, we do not extract your data, emails, or contacts.

How is your data being used?

To craft an email using the Superemail Extension/Add-on, we only use the input you provide. We extract your name from the Gmail interface to replace the generic tag {Your Name} in the email signature, and we use your profile picture to make our extension look cool. When replying to an email, we analyze the content of the previous email in the thread to understand the context and write a reply accordingly. None of this data is stored in our server; it is stored in your browser.

Does Superemail store the content of your email message?

No. Unlike a traditional Gmail extension, Superemail database does not store the contents of your emails, except for the email address you signed up with.
We do not store the content (Subject / Message) of emails, but the content does pass through our server ephemerally. This is required in order to add the mechanisms to an email message that allows Superemail to do it’s magic. This process happens in microseconds and the content of an email message does not live on our server beyond that.

Does Superemail sell or rent your data to third parties?

No, we DO NOT sell or rent your data, the only company that we share your email with is Stripe to manage your payment and subscription for Superemail.

Data Deletion Requests

In compliance with GDPR, any user may request that his/her data be deleted from our servers. To make such a request send an email to from the Superemail account whose data you wish to be deleted.